Encouraging Your Kids To Play An Instrument

Playing an instrument can be a lot of fun.  For many people who decide to take on playing an instrument it can be very therapeutic to sit down and create something.  When we create something that is all our own then we have a sense of control over our lives.

The first thing that you may want to do is take your child somewhere they can learn about the instruments they want to play.  For some ideas try going to a piano repair troy store that specializes in repairing instruments.  While there you and your child will get firsthand experience and insights into what makes instruments work.

Once your children have an understanding on how the instruments work, they will suddenly not be as scary to look at or pick up and play.  When removing this fear education can begin.  Next take your children to where people are playing these instruments and listen to them play.  Have your children watch them perform their craft picking up possible clues as to techniques they can try in their own performances.


Encourage your children to imitate others.  Have them look at YouTube and other sources to pick up subtle clues as to what to do.  With the ability to watch, re-watch and see exactly how things are done in their own time and in their own way allows them to process the information easier and more clearly.  When with an instructor, they are rushed in a manner of speaking as well as given a specific style to learn instead of exploring their own.

Gauge their dedication

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Never force your children to learn an instrument or to practice.  Forcing them to do it will quickly strip away their passion for the instrument.  Encourage them yes, give them motivation to learn yes, but never make them feel that they have to do it.  If you do, you are defeating the purpose.

Learning an instrument takes work.  Once your children become dedicated then and only then will they start creating beautiful music.